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(Via: vegan-yums.tumblr.com) Quinoa & White Bean Veggie Burger - Get this recipe for this, and other great vegan dishes here http://x.co/2oBBF

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The worst std is children

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Bunny Can’t Get Enough of the Curtain

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This made me sob, as it should. People don’t realize that their families mean so much to them, just like us. If someone took your baby away from you just like that, how would you react?

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Pearl Couscous with Mint and Pecans

Vegan!       Recipe!

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Please don’t try to change yourself to fit into what other people want you to be. You do not have to meet their expectations or please anyone else. There’s no one out there exactly like you and that’s amazing. You’re unique and it should be celebrated. Be yourself, be you.


Saw this pic on Instagram today and I just have no words… :(

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Racist dental products.

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Jared Leto on veganism

Love it!

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I lolz.

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Since becoming vegan, I have come to realize this: the wider you open your eyes, the darker the world becomes. No matter how hard you try, you can never close them tight enough. The truth sears an everlasting image of the suffering into your retina. From then on, you’ll eternally understand that ignoring the pain of others is truly the cruelest action we can do as conscious beings. Inaction is the plague of the world.

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