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Dates, Dates everywhere <3 <3 <3

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“But plants are living too!”


Tell people that there’s an invisible man in the sky who created the universe, and the vast majority will believe you. Tell them the paint is wet, and they have to touch it to be sure.

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Donkey electrocuted to death at Cairo vet school

Graphic video.

This video was recently posted on the Facebook group of Society for the Protection of Animal Rights in Egypt (SPARE) and it shows a donkey being electrocuted at a vet school in Cairo, Egypt.

The video doesn’t give any information about which school it is (I’m thinking it’s Cairo University), but from the upload date on YouTube, it’s not new footage.

I contacted someone I know from PETA Asia-Pacific and they told me that when they found out about this video last year, they wrote a letter and the school apologized (not enough).

I sent an email to PETA Asia-Pacific anyway asking them to take action about the cruelty that occurs behind closed doors at vet schools. This is not the first incident and I know this happens everyday.

Occupy For Animals created a page on their website about cruelty at vet schools. The page shows how it really isn’t a secret that animals are subjected to horrible cruelty and how Egyptian animal rights activists try to stop it, but nothing happens. 

There is also a petition on Change.org (now closed) that shows donkeys in a classroom and it looks like they’re being pumped with an unknown substance. The petition reached over 18,000 signatures but of course nothing changed. 

Animals are still being abused and tortured to death, then discarded like waste. Egyptians are people who take pride in their religion - a religion which clearly states that animal cruelty is not okay and that mercy must be shown to all of god’s creatures.

This is a personal plea.

I’m posting this because I want it exposed and I want people to see what happens behind closed doors in Egypt. I might not agree with everything PETA does and I’m not exactly a fan, but no one can deny they’ve gotten things done in the past. Hopefully, ending this daily horror in Egyptian vet schools will be one of them.

I’m also trying to contact other animal rights groups to get this exposed as widely as possible. 

So please, reblog this, share it on Facebook and other social media websites, contact any animal rights groups you can think of, anything. Help me expose what we believe is horrible, and what they think is okay, normal, and even funny.



UPDATE: I found this petition on Change.org. They need over 17,000 signatures, so please sign it, reblog it, and share it. 

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Requested by Anon ~ German Shepherds 

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I just want to get a cute apartment with a cute person and wear nothing but underwear and a big t-shirt or sweater and dance around, cook for each other, make our own movies and record each other while we’re playing, smiling, and laughing, and lay in bed together at night snuggled up warm together so close that we can hear each others pulse.

I want cake.

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